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    This kit looks at the species found in the Kingdoms Plantae, Protista and Fungi. There are 9 specimen blocks preserved and encased in clear resin material. The specimens can be observed from every side to see detail. Specimens include:

    • Brown Algae; Sargassum pallidum
    • Green Algae; Ulva lactuca
    • Red Algae; Gelidium amansii and Grateloupa filicina
    • Shiitake; Lentinus edodes
    • Wood Ear; Auricularia auricular
    • Lins Mane; Hericium erinaceous
    • Liverwort; Marchantia fortunei
    • Rice Paddy; Oryza sativa
    • Bamboo; Bambusa multiplex
    • Orchid; Oncidium altissimum
    • Corn; Zea maysa
    • Soybean; gycine max
    • Japanese Maple Leaf; Acre palmatum
    • China Pink; Dianthus chinensis
    • Common bean; Phaseolus vulgaris

    Teacher information guide, student activity sheet and answer keys are included.