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As a Child I was Diagnosed with ADD!
Ladybug Strategies, LLC  owner,s Paul and Cheryl Naftzger collecting insects in the field.
Ladybug Strategies, LLC owner,s Paul and Cheryl Naftzger collecting insects in the field.

Ladybug Strategies owns and manages this BugCollectors,Com. My Name is Paul Naftzger. I live on a farm in Saint James, Missouri with my beautiful wife Cheryl and our Flat-coated Retriever, Charlie. Together we own and run Ladybug Strategies, LLC.  As a child I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or ADD. I got bored easily and was constantly and annoyingly curious. Science seemed to be a perfect fit for me. Science kept me busy, my mind occupied and engaged and quickly jumping from one subject to another only made the whole experience better.

Ladybug Strategies early beginnings

I became interested in Entomology and insect collecting through my Uncle Don Barnhart. He had what I considered a huge collection of insect and would spend hours on end talking about his insect hunting adventures and his latest rare find. I could not get enough of his stories of collecting in the field and fascinating descriptions of the life and habits of the insects that he had come. To this day I remain fascinated with the life and habits of the members of the insect world. Today, through our company Ladybug Strategies, LLC Cheryl and I own and manage www.Insects4Sale.Com, www.EveryThingInsects.Com as well as other science related websites including www.BugCollectors.com.

It is my hope that BugCollectors.Com will encourage and promote the love and study of the insect world in young and not so young mind alike. This website goes into many of the details of how and where to find insect and how to make a collection that can last a lifetime. With it you can gain your own stories of the field and fascinating discoveries. Then maybe you can pass on your passion to another young person perhaps with ADD and in need of some adventure. Let’s begin!

How to Collect and Display Insects