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Spreading your Butterfly or Moth

How to Spread your Butterfly or Moth

Spreading your Butterfly or Moth is easy to do. Butterflies and Moths can be spread with the use of a Spreading/Mounting Board.

With the use of some well-placed pins and thin paper strips, the butterflies wings can be held down and in the proper position to reduces movement until the insect has dried. Specimens are best spread when they are freshly caught. Once specimens have been spread and allowed to dry place them immediately into the collection to avoid accidents. Let the butterfly dry for at least 5 days before removing from the spreading board.

With other insects such as beetles, bugs, bees, wasps etc.  I like to position them on a piece of closed cell foam like Styrofoam. The pins penetrate the foam sheet easily and let me position the legs, antennae, head, and body where I want them. You will also need a good quality pair of spade tipped tweezers so you handle the specimen while you are pinning it.