Insect Appendage relaxing fluid

How to Use Appendage Relaxing Fluid

Prior to pinning the specimens, they must be relaxed. Fresh specimens are usually relaxed already if you spread them right away. If you store them for spreading later, or if you have purchased dried specimens, they will need to be relaxed. One method is using relaxing fluid. Relaxing fluid is used for relaxing appendages so the do not break while pinning the specimen. Relaxing fluid IS NOT used for relaxing butterflies or moths for spreading and mounting. For spreading butterflies and moths see How to Build an Insect Relaxing Chamber and Relaxing-your-Butterfly-or-Moth.

  • Your relaxing fluid will come in a 2oz amber bottle with an eye dropper lid.
  • Place the insect specimen on its back.
  • Liberally apply the appendage relaxing fluid to the appendages and anntennae.
  • Wait 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Ensure the appendages have relaxed by carefully moving the appendages back and forth.
  • Position and or pin your specimen

How to Appendage Relaxing Fluid