Displays and cases

Displays and Cases

The standard Insect Display Box is a storage unit for pinned insects, a unique display case and, if properly built and outfitted, a source of protection for collected specimens. The sturdy construction of the box protects the collection when you carry it from place to place.

The more airtight the box, the more insect scavenger protected it can be. To protect the insect collection from scavengers, put mothballs (or crystals) or an insect kill strip in the box. Attach the strip or the moth-balls in one corner of the box by using netting or insect pins. A small piece of kill strip gives good protection for several months.

Over the years the standard 4-H box has been 18x24x3¸ inches, making it somewhat larger than most other entomological boxes. It is also difficult for younger 4-H'ers to handle. As of July 1999 the 4-H box was standardized to 19x16¸X3 (outside dimensions). This will help 4-H collectors handle boxes more easily and also allow storage of boxes in standard insect cabinets. The old, larger boxes will also be acceptable for displaying insects at fairs and contests.

insect display case
Materials to Build a Standard 4H Insect Display Box
Part Quantity Materials Size(inches)
End 1 White Pine 3/4 x

3 x 17
End 1 White Pine 3/4 x

2 2/5 x 17 1/2
Sides 2 White Pine 3/4 x

3x 16 1/2
Bottom 1 Plywood 1/8 x

16 1/2 x 19
Pinning surface 1 Foam 1/2 x

15 x 17 1/2
Top 1 Glass 1/8 x

16 x 18 1/8